About the game

What is MindCube

MindCube is an interactive game for 2 players that move a Cube against each other, using only their minds!Each player wears a headset that captures EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram) waves such as beta, gamma, alpha, theta waves etc. EEG brain signals from each player are analyzed indicating the one with the strongest brain activity.

How to play

Each player tries to move the Cube towards his/her opponent. The number of steps corresponds to the difference between their brain activity. The final winner is the player that manages to move the Cube to the opponent’s base.

How it’s made

MindCube is a prototype game constructed with plexiglass. Under the hood, includes magnets, stepper motors and microcontrollers, RF transmitters, bluetooth adapters, LEDs, speakers and parts found here and there from old printers and PC stuff.
It’s a little frankenstain build!

About the Cube

Magnetic Levitation

The Cube defies gravity! It floats into the air using electromagnetic levitation.

Magnetic Induction

A strong electromagnetic field is used to light up the Cube based on the induction phenomenon. This means that no batteries are required!


The Cube itself is alive! Every time a player wins a round it lights up with the corresponding colors: Blue green for the first player, red purple for the second.

Floating MindCube

Two game modes available…

Use your focus ability to beat your opponent!

Use your meditation skills, relax and win!


LED colors
Lines of code

Ready, set, action!

Want to see it in action?! MindCube is now on YouTube! Take a look at the promo video that is available at the moment. The video was shooted with… home apparell and a GoPro Hero4 camera. Nothing fancy here except our custom green box made by cardboard paper.
More videos to come soon!

Live on SKAI TV GR

The protoytpe game was presented live on morning news programme of SKAI TV “NOW” with Anna Mpousdoukou.

Locked in... MindCube battle

Dots, dots dots! Dots everywhere! Learn more about the design...

MindCube flies to Vienna!

The prototype game was presented in Maker Faire Vienna on 16-17 April 2016. The Maker Faire is a festival focusing on crafting, constructing, inventing, experimenting, learning, recycling, inspiring and, above all having fun

Maker Faire Vienna 2016
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