The game consists of the MindBoard and the Cube itself. The Cube is able to move back and forth along the path that is formed by the dots pattern on the top of MindBoard.


Each player tries to move the Cube towards his/her opponent using only brain activity. The winner of each round is the one that manages to move the Cube to the opponent’s base, marked with “.” for player A and “:” for player B.  A round consists of several mini-battles during which brain activity of both players is analysed. Each mini-battle lasts a few seconds and results with a Cube movement based on which player has the strongest brain activity. The number of steps corresponds to the difference between the measured EEG brain signals.


Cube’s colors enhance gameplay as they are used for several game events. The Cube normally cycles between two colors: green – blue for Player A and red – purple for Player B to indicate which one currently has an advantage. It also flashes at the end of each mini-battle to reveal the winning one. So, when the Cube is nearest Player B, indicating that Player A has an advantage, it smoothly cycles between green – blue. If Player A keeps on winning the mini-battles the Cube flashes white, otherwise red – purple. On the other hand when the Cube floats inside Player A’s region, indicating that Player B has an advantage, it lights up with red – purple. If Player B continues his/her winning streak it flashes white, otherwise green – blue.

When the Cube reaches one of the two player bases and a winner is pointed out, mini-battles are paused and the Cube retuns back into the center base. During this “loading” process the Cube lights up with a rotating white pattern to indicate that no brain activity is captured and analysed.

MindCube game has currently two modes available. The core gameplay remains the same: players need to “push” the Cube to their opponent’s base. It is what drives the movement of the Cube that makes the difference:

  • Focus mode. Think, focus, concentrate! But on what? There is no restriction on what you need to focus to! It can be the Cube itself,  your opponent, your favorite song… anything! This mode relies on players’ focus ability to move the Cube.
  • Relax mode – Do you think that you are the next great “Yogi” master?! Prove it! On this mode gameplay relies on players’ meditation skills.